Safety on the Bike

I was driving this morning to work, looking to turn left onto the avenue that takes me to my office everyday after exiting the freeway. This all happened around 525am while the darkness is still owning the space around us.
I was waiting for the green light to step on the pedal while singing. So finally the light changed when for some reason a reason that I don’t know what it was but I know it was there for me to tell me DON’T GO…
Then from the darkness a figure appeared.
There was cyclist running the red light in a huge intersection…
With a little tiny light, this woman was going across the freeway access on red light and without looking over…
I was ready to go and kill her, but the “reason” was there…
Finally nothing happened but made me think about all my friends that ride bicycles everyday for training and/or commuting.
Made think that I need to follow the traffic signals and be aware that life is something that can be taken away.
COMMON SENSE, that all we need….
Please, do not ride as a maniac your beach cruiser, road bike or anything you ride on, be careful out there.
You probably may have a REASON for one driver but maybe no for TWO…
Think about the ones that love you, because We love you and you are very important to us.
We want you here forever, close and smiling.
I am glad nothing happened I know I wont ever forgiven my self, because I am a cyclist, because I am a human and because I am one of those training and having fun on bicycles many times on the streets.
A fraction of a second can turn in years of rehabilitation.
I wish you the best and check your bike periodically.

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