Hydration on the go…

We purchase carbon fiber bikes, carbon fiber wheels, carbon fiber saddles, carbon fiber handlebars, carbon fiber aerobars, carbon fiber sole shoes… and all the carbon we can buy to shave some seconds in short distances and some minutes in longer competitions.

But all that money go away every time you reach for your water bottle behind your seat or from your frame, drag is created on your chest and the parachute effect takes place.

During all these years I used two types of bottles that allowed me to stay in aero position for longer periods of time.

One of this is the Profile Design AeroDrink that goes in between your aerobars and the Speedfil system that you mount on your frame but reaches the front using a flexible tube.

This is my experience.

profile_design_aerodrinkThe Profile Design aerodrink was the very first system I used.It comes in two different mount versions one come with a hard plastic piece and the other one with strong rubber band. Two sizes one is simple like the one in the photo and the other one has two chambers and more actual versions have different tops and shapes.The advantage is clear, you can stay in aero position while you drink using the hard plastic straw or a soft extension like the one in the photo.The one I had didn’t come with the clear plastic extension, it only had a hard straw which is kind of dangerous when you find a bump at the same time you are drinking, and it needs to cut properly so you can drink without any problems.The bottle was designed with that yellow mesh to give you freedom re filling the bottle and to keep the fluid in. The refilling is awesome no problems but it doesn’t hold the water very well so spills are very often an issue and you and your bike end sticky and cover with whatever you carry in it.The yellow mesh sits in the hole which I found this an issue too because more than one time I had to stop, ride back and pick it up from the ground, I tried to replace that with a perforated sponge with more success and finally I decided to pass the straw trough the mesh which worked perfectly for the rest of its live.One of the biggest things is if you need your elbows pads closer, if you are very flexible then the bottle will be on your way and you wont be able to close the gap between your aerobars.And of course if you have a bike computer in between your aerobars then you have to move it closer to the end of the bars leaving a small part left for your hands or put it somewhere else. Cleaning is straight forward and easy.

speedfillAfter I moved to the AUE I found a bike for sale with the Speedfil system already installed on it the one called Standard and it goes on the frame.I really enjoy this set up, the fluid container is big enough to carry good amount of water, the cap is perfect for refilling and it is spill free, very easy to drink of and the end is very adjustable because there is a piece of wire that you can adjust at anytime.The mouth piece has a lock which you close pushing it down and open pulling the mouth piece. I didn’t know this. I think it is perfect but the cleaning can be an issue, the long flexible straw and the mouth piece are very hard to clean but hot water and patience do the trick. Don’t forget to purchase all the correct mounts for your bike frame, accessories and the new Tube Brush

I hope this help you to pick the one is right for you.

Thank you.

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