Wet notes during swimming?…

I remember in the beginning of this crazy endeavor called endurance, wet workout notes on the edge of the pool was always frustrating, the way I was using to keep my notes close to me and dry wasn’t working. I used to print all out and put it on my swimming board, or using a white board or memorizing or just reading from the phone or notebook praying not to drop any water on top and ruin it all.

This is the way I fixed it back in 2007 and I have been using it since then.

Now all my swimming workouts and notes are always handy, dry and easy to read.


  • 01 small notepad
  • 01 medium lock plastic bag
  • 01 pen or pencil
  • 01 water bottle full with your favorite sports drink or plain water

I use the notepad to write all my swimming workouts with all the detail I need for the session (sometimes only what I have to do, other times with lap counting and/or times depending on what type of training you are doing.

I tear the page out of the notepad and insert it in the bag.

Lock the plastic bag.

Use water bottle to hold the bag on the edge of the pool so you don’t have to be jumping over trying to read the workout (the photo on the right is how it should be placed on the edge of the pool).

Do I use a lap counter? Yes, I do use one that I put in one of my fingers for lap swimming SportCount 90030

I hope this help you to quit memorizing and/or thinking about what is the next set and stay focus more in your form/technique while you train.

All the best


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