GoPro Underseat mount on triathlon bike.

The idea came after I watched my first movie during cycling using my GoPro mounted in the front of my triathlon bike, where all my friends were facing forward and I only captured the rear wheels.
Running with ONEndurance team I was thinking about how to mount my camera in my triathlon bike (seat post is not round) in order to take pictures of my team mates during our bike rides. I came up with this.
01 Vertical surface J-hook buckle (this was used because I wanted the camera far from my seat, you can try it using a normal hook)
I used the two loops of the helmet strap to secure the mount under the seat, the loops go around the seat rails as you can see in the picture, tight them up enough to avoid swinging and try to rest the base of the mount on the seat post.
I believe the straps are long enough to be hooked if you have a under seat hydration system in your triathlon bike.
You can use tape to secure the rest of the straps around the seat post so you don’t have the straps on your way during pedaling.
Use the J-hook to mount the camera.
Use the GoPro app in your cell phone to dial the position of the camera.
Enjoy the ride!

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