My HR monitor eats my skin…

After I purchased and opened my Garmin 910XT I found a nice and slick HR monitor in the box with a soft strap that I thought was going to feel so much better but for some reason I kept using my old HR monitor, the one with the hard strap.

Not until one day that I decided to start using the new HRM strap and the transmitter, I swap them and it started to eat my chest.The thing scratched me on my chest at the level where it sits on me.

Then I moved the strap more to the left, and the marks moved to the left. To the right and the marks moved to the right.Cycling, running same situation, it was eating my skin.After several days I found great articles online, solutions from bandits to duct tape, placed on the bottom of the transmitter but I sweat a lot and I knew that non of these solutions were going to be good, more now that I live in the UAE where the temperature and the humidity reach really high levels.

Not till one day that I was sitting under the rain that an idea came to my mind and I couldn’t wait to try it out.

“I turned the whole thing upside down”

  • First test was done during a long run in the forest and the result was good. Running time was 1h30m with 5k pace intervals. Success.
  • Second test was done on the bike, 2h bike ride at tempo intensity. Success.
  • Third test was done during a tempo run, 1h in high altitude. Success.

I think I found one more solution between all of them out there and I wanted to share it with you.I hope this help and the Garmin soft strap stops eating your skin.

I would love to hear from you and find out if it really work.

Thank you.

08/01/2013 I have been training without any problems.

01/04/2014 No problems, still using the same style.


  1. The last time I ran in a 10k the same thing happened to me. I was unaware until I had my shower and the skin burned under the water where the strap had cut into my skin. Thanks for sharing this tip, I will try it next time.

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