2013 was a great year

2013 was a great year, I’ve never thought I was going to be the witness of changes in the life of a lot of people but the most important in the lifestyle of my own family; my mother, my older sister and my younger brother ran each a 5km.

My mother has been a very active person, involved in fitness since the times of Jane Fonda she had the opportunity to teach aerobics in Peru in one point of our crazy life traveling everywhere with my dad. She loves running, tennis, weight training and yoga to mention some. My mother was visiting Abu Dhabi during the first months of 2013. Between conversations a crazy idea was brought to the table “we are going to walk a 5km race”.

We went the next morning and signed up for the Zayed Sports City 5k/10km in January. Some of members of ONEndurance Abu Dhabi were with us and decided to walk with me because the injury I had in my right leg. There was our group of us including my mother in the start line, gun went off when my mother looked at us and all I can remember is that she left us. She finished and she proudly took her medal with her to Peru.

My older sister used to follow my mother’s steps, with an active life and always challenging her self in one way or another, running, tennis, paddle tennis or dancing. But her life changed up to the point where the doctors told her “you are one step of obesity, it is only up to you to change or we give you medicines” the option she took was to change. December 2013 she decided to close the first year of her transformation running the 5km Jingle Run.

My younger brother grew up playing soccer, he traveled to different parts of the country and south America wearing the colors of his school. He has been always active, basically surfing, playing soccer and playing tennis. Not til the day he moved away when his life change to a more sedentary lifestyle. Lots of changes, ups and downs til he decided to stop all of this. His first celebration was running the BRCC 5km

I don’t know exactly what it takes for people to make the change, to realize that taking care of our bodies is more important than anything else.

What I know for sure is, I have a healthier family after all these years, my mother is already thinking to run another 5km again and so is my sister and my younger brother.

Now days, I dream about the day we all run together, it will happen, I know that too.


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  1. hahahahaha that was funny to imagine your mother leaving you eating dust. yes you are right, taking care of our bodies is the most important thing in your life. we have one life and one body unless in the future we become cyborgs.

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