Two years with Sophia Magdalena

SophiaIt has been two years and a little bit more since the day I started taking care of Sophia Magdalena, it started the day we moved to Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates in August 2011.

We moved here when Sophia turned one year old and she is 3 years and 4 months old. During all these days and months I have been trying different things I read in books, online and of course what mom says is good for kids. I heard suggestions and other friend perspective about how to raise a kid while the man is at home.

During all this time I found some patterns and/or tips that I thought can be useful for you, stay at home dad.

  • Food:

Babies and children have small stomachs and high metabolism, in a few words they have to eat more often than adults. I carry snacks and things for her to snack when she needs it. I prefer natural snacks like fruit, veggies and nuts. No boxes. A little more detailed information for you to have an idea, when we are at home we eat breakfast at eight, we snack at nine thirty, a little something at eleven and we eat at lunch at eleven thirty or twelve, then in the afternoon snack around three pm and five pm and dinner at seven pm.

  • Sleeping:

Small people, small reserves, living life in anaerobic intensity means they need naps and long periods of time during the night. Since day one I tried to plan where and when she sleeps. I tried to keep a solid schedule for naps. Midday nap still goes from noon till two pm this includes rocking time, singing time and arm time. Night time baby has a bubble bath time to relax her and calm her down, reading time and she is going to bed by eight or eight thirty pm in the beginning and now days nine pm. One thing is for sure, She always sleep on her own bed and my life revolves around this.

  • Needs:

From one year old til the time she started to use the toilet, looking was not enough. I used to touch to be sure that pee was not present in the diaper. Checking regularly made the trick. Now she uses the bathroom and I make sure she takes her time and I explain that it is very important. .

  • Educating :

I ask her what, where, why, who and when. It seems to be the key to understand each others ideas. We thought her sign language very early, some basic words were enough in the beginning for her to communicate her needs and desires reducing the guessing to the minimum. Now days telling her the reason of things plays a huge roll in her development “never assume your child knows because they don’t know more than what you teach them”. Talking and communicating will make life better for both.

  • Respect:

Even babies have wishes and desires and I tried to respect them since day one. In the beginning using sign language now using words I ask what she wants or she likes, sometimes I show her alternatives with an explanation so she can pick accordingly. She is now three years, if she wants to ride her bike wearing the dinosaur custom then I let her do it and if she wants to play dolls with me then I leave what I am doing to enjoy the time with her.

Any similarity with the life of triathletes is just a coincidence.

I think these are the few simple points that allow me to have a very happy child and always learning.

I hope you find this post useful and I am always open to talk and to discuss any idea around this subject.

All the best ! !


  1. Congratulations!!! Its not easy to juggle your time from being a father, a coach and an athlete. But to balance and make a pattern to enjoy them all without sacrificing the other requires a lot of patience and love. And for that, I should say you are doing a good job.

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