Tri Yas 2014 – Olympic Distance RR

Finish Line “This one was for you my friend, I miss you”

This triathlon is held in Yas Island Abu Dhabi, in the Yas Marina Circuit , they have sprint and Olympic distance suitable for beginners and experienced triathletes. You swim in the marina, bike in the iconic F1 circuit and run around the perimeter of the circuit. I was part of Olympic distance again and it was great once again.

I wanted to take this opportunity to congratulate all the ONEndurance Abu Dhabi triathletes for completing the their races and to the volunteers who really make a big difference in any kind of event.

The swim went good and it was hard as always, a couple of situations passing people till I placed myself in the open where I started cruising and relying on my training and mind set. I took advantage of a couple of people and I drafted, the first one ran out of gas and the second one went shopping after a turn. The bike was great, I saw my friends, met other ones and I was having fun. The run went better that what I thought, after I left transition I applied my new motto “have fun” so I kept moving the whole distance.

But comparing 2012/2013 and 2013/2014, this year the approach is different based on “efficiency”. I managed the race distance based on the feelings produced on time trials and training, I raced all by feeling and not looking my recording device. I trained putting extra attention to the exertion levels and the production of them, in how fast I recovered and thought about how I felt during the races last season, one thing for sure was that the room above my racing exertion level last season was minimum and even uncomfortable to even think about it. This season I am about to finish a big experiment, something different that I modified and shared with the group I train with. I made some changes in the ways of practicing triathlons; training took another meaning always keeping the fun and the social part.

I have all my splits and times now, and I can tell you that I am faster, I felt really good during race, I know I had room enough above the exertion level for me to use if I wanted to. My swimming was aerobic, effortless and good, I never felt so good in the water before, my bike was good at moderate aerobic and high aerobic which allowed me to keep my form and pedaling, it was great. And I felt like floating during the run, I kept my form from the beginning to the end, going between moderate aerobic and high aerobic depending on the need.

Nutrition: 15oz of my favorite sport drink.

I think I am onto something here and I am willing to share this with you. Send me all your questions using the contact form and/or using Facebook. I will be more than happy to tell you more about this.

Thank you for reading.

ONEndurance Abu Dhabi

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