’13/’14 ONEndurance Abu Dhabi season!!!

I want to congratulate to all the members, they all did an amazing job during all the events in the country but specially at Tri Yas and Abu Dhabi International Triathlon which were allocated as race goals. Some of us raced individually and some as part of relay teams.

But the result of this successful season was not a casualty.

ONEndurance Abu Dhabi started the season in April 2013 dividing the year in blocks with specific goals and targets, educating and complementing everything with clinics and race specific drills during the whole year. Where everyone learned about the sport as a whole and the importance of a balanced training in all the disciplines in order to have a successful race day, enjoying them and without burning out or injured.

This last season showed how everything is possible if you set your mind, if you train smart and if you take care of your body, tuning your brain and body as one.

ONEndurance Abu Dhabi produced triathletes, members who came from no swimming to sub 2:30/100m, guys who were able to ride at speeds of 24mph on race day and run sub 30min in 5km out of the bike. We make of triathlons our lifestyle.

We are starting on April 1st 2014 the new season “2014/2015”, new clinics, new tri-talks, new group challenges, new everything. If you want to be part of ONEndurance Abu Dhabi then Join the Facebook page clicking here or contacting me using this website.

If you are an actual member of the group then please congratulate your family before anyone and/or anything else,they support you in this crazy triathlon life day by day and congratulate your self for learning and enjoy your race.

And a hhhhhuge thanks to all our sponsors:

Thank you for reading.


  1. Luis, this is such a wonderful reflection of what ONEndurance stands for 🙂
    I am feeling sad on a personal level that I won’t be here for this season BUT I am ‘over the moon’ with happiness that ONEndurance will continue to flourish!
    Thank you for a most memorable season!

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