2014 The bikes in Kona

I remember that day ONE, when I purchased a road bike, a CANNONDALE Synapse, my first bike, clean, shiny, carbon fiber body, 56cm, flat pedals and for the very first time in my life I pronounced the word SHIMANO. I know pathetic 🙂

First ride and I noticed that all the guys of the group were wearing super amazing clothing, good looking shoes with things on the bottom, amazing helmets and the sunglasses. And I was wearing my “normal” clothes as board-shorts, Rip Curl t shirt, my vans and a helmet I bought at the Salvation Army for 25 cents but no socks. I thought during the whole ride about what was the deal with all these guys and their bikes. But the more I was taking time to ride the more I started to appreciate the big expensive piece of carbon fiber I had, the pleasure and the freedom I was experiencing every time we had an adventure. Now I am one of them, transformed.

Now I live fascinated by these wonderful machines, materials, wind test results, components, tires, power meters, pedals, technology, between many other things. But the most amazing thing is the engine moving the pedals, how to get there in the most efficient way. The years are passing by and the bikes are getting prettier.

I am writing this because I found a couple of great articles written by Herbert Krabel from Slowtwitch.com this November 2014. He is bringing the bike details of the top 15 female and male professional triathletes who participated in World championship in Kona Hawaii this year. The bikes, the brands, the new things, the adjustments, the tricks and tips. Just another super article by the author.

Here you have the links for you to enjoy, read the full articles clicking on PRO-Female and  PRO-Male

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