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I remember when ONEndurance Triathlon Team started to grow and I remember being riding my bike thinking about what was going to be the best way to record some of the moments we all spent together training, swimming, cycling, running and enjoying strength training in Abu Dhabi.

I did a web search and between all the brands GoPro was the one catching my eyes.

The GoPro Hero3 Black Edition had everything I was looking for, the resolution, fast capture and compact. It is practical, easy to mount, to use, great accessories, I learned how to calculate the height and angle before I purchased the digital screen. I learned so much about the camera, edition, mountings and settings.

Now days I use my GoPro Hero3 Black Edition to record training moments with my triathlon family. I have a whole video archive and great quality photos in the Facebook page.


Do you want to learn?

The best source I found from the beginning is Mitch Bergsma, this person has an amazing video library, library of tips and trick but the great ones are the How To videos. Mic is clear and he goes straight to the point, short and precise videos.

You can find Mic in the links below:

Give it a try, take your time watching the videos and I hope you learn more about these little super powerful cameras.

Record your memories, make your favorite videos and have fun.

Thank you for reading.

Update: I purchased the GoPro Hero4 Black Edition 🙂


*Protune is an amazing feature but we need to ask first what is the purpose of the material you are working on.

  • I use Protune when I need one or two pictures for my website, design or any art. I take about fifty photos and select what I need. This kind of work takes time, it is amazing the kind of photo you can obtain at the end.

Protune work

  • I don’t use Protune when I go somewhere and take a bunch of photos of my family, outdoors or indoors, because I m going to treasure all of them and I know I won’t have the time to edit them all. I turned Protune off and the quality of the photos are still amazing.

Yas Waterworld

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