Setting up my power meter

Luis Set UpMy setup:


  • I make sure I leave all my gadgets that use ANT+ in my backpack if it is an outdoor ride or in my triathlon drawer at home if it is going to be an indoor session while I proceed with the calibration.
  • Bring the power control 7 outside or where the bike is for about 5minutes while I prepare.
  • I rotate the pedals back-guards to wake up the power meter
  • I turn on the PC7 til I see zero in the power, cadence, speed and I see my heart-rate.
  • I rotate the pedals forward to create some power and to link the power meter and the PC7.
  • I stop after I see numbers in the power, cadence and speed field on the PC7.
  • Then I wait for all the numbers to go to zero.
  • Then I proceed to zero calibration in the PC7 as per manual and wait for the main screen to be displayed.
  • Then I bring any other gadgets I think I am going to need and start my ride.

After these steps I am sure that a good communication has been established between the power meter and the PC7.

I hope you take full advantage of your power meter, have a good quality workout and enjoy it.

SRM Power Meter Curve


  • I normally clean my bike lightly once a week and deeply once a month, but in both opportunities I remove the crank arm, the batteries and the metal piece inside and clean them really good with a dry rag or something to remove grease and/or any dirt there is. And my power meter after one year keep working amazingly.
Pieces to clean.

Thank you







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