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My story begins with being a simple young man growing up in Peru, enjoying sports, enjoying the outdoors and facing challenges as many others in my city.
I remember my father’s voice repeating, Luis the future is in computers and electronics! have you ever thought becoming an engineer? and my answer was… no dad, I want to be a professional soccer player like Pele, or a tennis player like Andre Aggassi or Pete Sampras… or a professional surfer like Tim Curren or Mark Occhillupo, it was the 80s. My idea about a professional life was a little bit different than my dad’s.
Not till one day surfing Punta Rocas, that majestic wave in a majestic location. A morning like I had never seen before, a mystic morning full of live filling young people dreams with six the seven feet waves. Waves pumping endlessly. The pacific ocean was trying to say something, a message directed to our souls in one hand and to our dreams on the other one.
My soul grew up seeing the devastation of my beloved planet by others and my dreams were all about how to prevent what my eyes were witnessing.
Not till that morning that I knew I had to study engineering, computers and electronics, yes dad was right. I decided for Electronics Engineering. I had to compete and test with hundreds of candidates for a hand full of engineering slots. It was a nightmare from day one till the day I finished. All in the good sense obviously. My dad was correct in that too.
Electronics, computers and work experience pilled up during all these years, traveling was added in the mix as well.
As the years went by I had the opportunity to work in excellent companies, I had amazing mentors, I learned new skills and I accumulated some experience in different fields within the engineering industry.
But I kept asking my self, where is my soul and dreams going to meet?
I remember one day I read about global warming and the CO2 in our planet, I know what it was because I lived in Lima, but never paid attention to the harm we all were doing to the planet till that day.
But I kept asking my self, where is my soul soul going to meet my dreams?
One day I discovered ‘Fission’, then Nuclear reactors and finally zero carbon dioxide emissions electricity production.
And I said, there is where my soul is meeting my dreams
Nuclear engineering was the answer to all my questions. The reason for me to study electronics, to learn all those new skills that in one moment did not make any sense at all. Here is where my soul meets my dreams.
The discovery of how to produce electricity with zero carbon dioxide emissions was just amazing.
One reactor unit can provide electricity to a city the size of Seattle, WA in the USA, occupies less than one and a half square mile and building one nuclear reactor unit is like taking 20 million cars out of the roads.
Nuclear is where all my paths joint a common dot, where all the skills I learned are put in practice from acting to psychology, from being an active person to endure athlete, from being a person to being a good friend.
Nuclear energy makes sense, it is safe, and we can provide electricity 24/7, 365 days.
And it is even more important in the big electricity production scheme: Nuclear plus wind plus solar plus hydro is the perfect equation to save our planet.
Tell me why you like nuclear energy and I would send you a 4inx4in ‘Atom’ decal for your car window.

“We need to support what is best for our future generations”





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